The Gym Is Everywhere

Posted on June 7th, 2021
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No matter where you are or where you live, fitness should be a part of your life.  There are so many benefits to exercise; we can barely count them all.  The best part is that you can get up and get active just about anywhere.  Something many people struggle with isn’t the why but the where when it comes to working out.  Should you only work out in a gym or is working out at home a better option?  What about the great outdoors?  We’re here to help you decide!

Working Out In A Gym

Ask any dedicated gym-goer why they like going and you’ll get a different answer every time.  Everyone has their reasons, but let’s look at why a gym is a great option for building the body you want.


There are a ton of reasons why you’d want to sign up for a gym membership.  Here are a few of the more compelling items on that list.

The Machines

First and foremost, the reason many people decide to go to the gym is for the machinery.  For the majority of individuals, workout equipment is prohibitively expensive.  The machinery at the gym is specialized.  It targets a variety of different muscle groups, usually with easy-to-follow instructions on how to use each piece of equipment.  Additionally, gym equipment is designed to be safe for anyone to use with very little experience.  And if you need help, the gym staff can quickly show you how to safely use the equipment.


This feature might seem a little silly to count as a “pro” of going to the gym, but you’d be surprised how much of a difference a nice, big mirror can make.  Being able to see one’s self while you’re working out not only provides many people with the motivation they need to keep going, but also allows you to observe your form and correct it.  Overextending your shoulder?  You can see that.  Not getting all the way down in your squat?  With a large, clean mirror in front of you, you’ll be able to tell.



Many gyms these days have low-cost or free classes for their members.  These classes give gym-goers the opportunity to try out a variety of workout styles all under the watchful eye of a trained instructor.  From yoga to cycling and even dancing, these classes are available to anyone and offer instruction for every level of fitness from beginner to advanced.  Who knows, you might even find an activity that you really enjoy!

Personal Trainers

Most gyms offer some level of personal training.  And while most trainers charge a fee, it’s a great way to guarantee that you get the kind of workout you need under the guidance of someone who specializes in fitness.  Personal trainers are teachers and cheerleaders.  Having someone you know has your back can go a long way in getting you to stick to a routine.


Last but not least, you’d be surprised by the number of friendships that start at the gym!  Everyone at the gym is there for the same reason, to take care of themselves and their fitness.  And finding like-minded people who share a common interest in something you do is always a bonus in our opinion.


Coming to the gym isn’t without its downsides.  Like everything in life, there are a couple of tradeoffs.

You Have To Make Time

One of the biggest obstacles to working out at the gym is that you have to carve out time in your day to go.  Between work, life, and sleep, getting to the gym can seem like a monumental task (albeit a worthwhile one).

Working Out With Others

Some people who begin a fitness journey are very self-conscious, and a trip to the gym to bare it all, even if their best-looking workout gear, can seem really daunting.  Even trained fitness fanatics sometimes prefer working out alone.  Being comfortable in your skin is the most important part of any workout process, even when you’re pushing yourself.

Working Out At Home

We’ve all been home a lot recently, but within the last year, at-home fitness has taken a huge step into the spotlight, and for good reason!  There are several reasons people enjoy working out on their own turf.

Home Gym 1


Home sweet home.  It’s where we sleep, eat, play.  Why not work out?

Saves Time

One of the biggest benefits of working out at home is that it saves a lot of time (and gas).  If you’re not interested in carrying around gym clothes and just want to jump right into it whenever you want to, working out from home might be the best option for you.  Sometimes even the closest gym can feel far away when you’re tired.


Everyone loves a free activity and that’s one of the reasons working out is so appealing.  It doesn’t have to be expensive.  Grab a chair, a few bricks, or a bag of flour and you’re ready to start getting your gains for the low low price of absolutely nothing!


Remember what we said about being self-conscious?  Some people really enjoy doing a solo thing, and that’s totally fine.  Working out in the safety and privacy of your own home can be really cathartic.  You can wear as much or as little clothing as you want without feeling as though you’re being watched, and for many, that’s a very liberating feeling.  The important thing is that you get up and get moving!


Even if you love every room in your home, sometimes it’s not the ideal place to get your sweat on.

Less Equipment

While you can easily find a lot of useful items around the house that can mimic gym equipment, it’s still not quite the same as having access to professional machinery and weights.  Don’t get us wrong, there are many people who have an impressive and competent setup at home, but more often than not, space is a concern.  Gyms are built with equipment in mind and are dedicated to the fitness experience.

No Professional Help

This particular point is especially important if you’re new to exercise and fitness.  One of the drawbacks of working out at home is that you don’t get the professional advice and help that the staff of a gym provides to all of its members.  You can always opt for an in-home personal trainer, but that becomes expensive very quickly.

Less Motivation

Your couch or bed looks the comfiest when you’re not supposed to be in them.  And because you can get to your workout at “any time,” it’s easy to push off your routine for “10 more minutes” indefinitely.  Building up the willpower to work out at home takes a lot of effort.  Whereas, if you decide to go to the gym, you’re not likely to lounge around.

The Gym Is Your Dedicated Workout Space

Ultimately, you don’t have to make a choice on whether or not to work out at home or at the gym.  Why not choose the best of both worlds and change it up?  Join a gym and get active at home.  Any time you decide to move your body and sweat a little bit sounds like a good time to us!  Join today!

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All About Hydromassage

Posted on May 7th, 2021

So you’ve made it to the gym and you’ve just crushed your workout for the day.  Now it’s time to cool down and hope those few extra reps don’t turn your body to jelly.  Fortunately, there’s a great way to help your body recover a little more quickly and reduce those familiar aches and pains associated with a good workout.  The answer?  Hydromassage.

Hydrochair 1

What Is Hydromassage?

Hydromassage is a kind of massage wherein strong jets of water help alleviate pain and soothe muscles.  This can be done in a bath, or in a hydromassage bed or chair.

Water-based relaxation therapies aren’t new.  In fact, they date back to the ancient Greeks and Romans.  The Father of Medicine himself, Hippocrates, was the first to postulate that water therapy could be used to treat a variety of ailments, which lead to the rise in popularity of communal bathhouses that spread to other cultures throughout history.

Since then, we’ve learned quite a bit about the benefits of hydrotherapy and hydromassage.  Hydromassage became popular in the 60s and has become more advanced over the years.

Hydrotherapy vs. Hydromassage

These days, many brick and mortar gyms are beginning to offer hydrotherapy or hydromassage, but it’s important to understand the difference so you can be prepared.  Hydrotherapy usually involves soaking in warm water and may involve hydromassage via strong jets in a hot-tub-style setting.  However, some people aren’t interested in stripping down to their bathing suits to get a massage, or using a public bath.  That’s where hydromassage tables come in.  These dry massage machines allow the user to receive a relaxing hydromassage all while staying dry, comfortable, and in control.  Enjoy the feeling of traveling jets at just the right pressure and temperature with the push of a button.

Hydrochair 2

Benefits of Hydromassage

There are many health-boosting benefits to participating in hydromassage.  Professional athletes and casual gym-goers agree that there’s nothing quite like a nourishing, hands-free massage that doesn’t have to be scheduled by a practitioner.

Improve Circulation

Any kind of massage is good for circulation, and hydromassage is no different.  Warm water massage is a wonderful way to increase blood flow to targeted muscle groups both before and after an invigorating workout.  Some studies suggest that cool water can also get the blood pumping, but most publically available hydromassage tables provide you with varying degrees of warm water.  Just make sure you’re not picking water that’s too hot.

Ease Pain

“No pain, no gain” doesn’t mean that workouts should be painful.  However, if you’ve spent any time in the gym at all, then you know the day after your workout can be extra uncomfortable if you don’t take the time to properly cool down.  Your body needs a little extra TLC after you sweat it out, and your workout doesn’t stop when you put the weights down.  Using available hydromassage tables has been shown to significantly reduce post-workout soreness.  And have we mentioned that it feels nice?

Speed Up Recovery

When you work out, your muscles build up an excess of lactic acid that causes the familiar aches and pains we experience while our muscles knit back together bigger and stronger.  However, if you head to the hydromassage table immediately after working out, the soothing warm pressure from targeted jets helps get more oxygen into your muscles and reduces the chances that you’ll be sore the next time you hit the gym.

Hands Off Massage

One of the best parts about a hydromassage is that it usually doesn’t involve another person.  In fact, it’s a contactless massage.  In a clean and safe gym environment, hydromassage tables and chairs are regularly cleaned and sanitized between uses.  In some cases, guests are asked to sign in and tell the staff that they’re utilizing these specialized machines to ensure there isn’t overlap and to provide the gym with enough time to ensure the health and safety of each customer.


Furthermore, some people just don’t enjoy the idea of having a hands-on massage experience.  While it can be really beneficial to recovery to have a massage performed by a professional, not everyone wants that kind of interaction.  Some individuals find the convenience and accessibility of a hydromassage table more suitable to their wallets and to their busy schedules.

Reduce Appearance of Cellulite

A lesser-known benefit of hydromassage is that some recent studies have shown that using a hydromassage table may help reduce the appearance of cellulite.  This can be particularly beneficial during an intense weight-loss regimen, or even for helping you find the shape you’re looking for in swimsuit weather.

Hydromassage Chairs At ATC Fitness

If you’re looking for the best hydromassage experience a gym has to offer, ATC fitness has you covered at every location.  Our state-of-the-art hydromassage chairs are safe, clean, and can help you take your health and wellness journey to the next level.  Sign up today and learn abouthydromassage and more great amenities!

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Subscription Boxes That Buff Your Workout

Posted on March 8th, 2021
Subs That Buff 1

We believe that everyone could benefit from more exercise.  There’s nothing like starting your day with some stretches, a run, a little weight lifting, or burning off those lunchtime and dinner calories with your favorite HIIT routine.  If you’re like us, you probably like rewarding yourself with a treat now and again for a job well done.  In fact, we recommend it!  Giving yourself something to look forward to can really make or break your motivation to get up and get moving.

That’s why we’ve created a list of all of the best subscription boxes that are sure to buff your workout and give you that little extra boost of confidence and stamina you need to be your best self!


Fabletics isn’t new, but it keeps bringing the new!  Co-founded by actress Kate Hudson, she wanted to create a brand that inspired women to take care of their bodies.  And let’s be honest, part of working out is feeling good about how you look.  Since its inception, Fabletics has expanded its brand to include subscription services for both men and women.

For $49.95 a month, you get to pick from brand new patterns and styles that are figure-flattering and size-inclusive.  The best part is that you can use your subscription the way that you want to and either use it that month or skip a month and hold on to your credit so you can use it later when you find a style you truly love.  These workout pieces are comfortable, and 40-50% off retail prices, so you get more bang for your buck and more buff for your workout!


As the name implies, FabFitFun provides a variety of fabulous fitness and lifestyle products.  Not only do you get a unique selection of items for your home, health, and beauty, but they’re all full-sized products, not samples!  This box is a great option for people who like to take their workout to the gym, outside, or even keep it low-key in their living room.  In a standard box, you can expect to receive anywhere from houseplants, traveling cases, skincare products, gym bags that can double as a purse or tote, exercise equipment, muscle balms for recovery, and more.

Because this subscription box buffs more than just your body, you can expect to pay $49.99 a quarter for their seasonal subscription box.  They have several subscriptions to choose from though, making it an ideal choice for fitness enthusiasts who like to be choosey about their products.


If Yoga is more your thing, then choosing a subscription such as BuddhiBox is perfect for you!  This box is much less about the fashion and style of your workout, but more about products that boost mindfulness and self-care, two very important aspects of yoga.  You can expect to receive a collection of products made by artisans from India, as well as many women-owned businesses across the U.S.

Each box is different, including items like candles, singing bowls, essential oils, and even inspiring mantras to help you find your center.  At only $34.95 a month, each box is actually valued at over double that.  A subscription box that motivates you, contributes to healing, and supports women?  Yes, please.

Subs That Buff 2

Yoga Club

Keeping on with the yoga theme, Yoga Club is a box that focuses more on great brands you trust.  If you want a truly customized experience, this subscription might be the one for you.  For $79 a month, you get to customize an outfit that is uniquely you.  When you sign up, you’ll take a style quiz that will help their in-house stylists curate looks just for you.  You get to choose from sports bras, leggings, tops, outerwear, and more from brands like Manduka, Free People, Glyder, Columbia, and more.

All of their styles are designed to keep you moving no matter what sort of workout you choose to do.  And with a new outfit every month, you’ll be able to rock your gym look or even your sunroom with an outfit you feel good in.


Outdoor enthusiasts rejoice!  Cairn is a wonderful subscription box made for people who like to go off of the beaten path and into the great outdoors!  Their products are all expertly curated and rigorously tested to help you make the most of the sunlight.

When you sign up, you’ll answer a few questions about the kinds of outdoor activities you participate in, and for $29.95 a month Cairn sends you a box specifically tailored to fit your outdoor excursions.  Each month you get to look forward to two pieces of gear,  some cool outdoor accessories, helpful and stylish apparel, products for your emergency kit, and a healthy snack to fuel your body while you’re on the go.

Subs That Buff 3

Fit Snack

Who doesn’t love eating a snack?  Now imagine if it was a healthy snack that got delivered right to your door each month.  That sounds like a no-brainer for us.  Starting at $28.90 a month, you get a delicious selection of nutritionist-approved snacks that encourage healthy eating and power your workout.  Each item included in the box will meet at least two of the following criteria.

  • GMO-Free

  • High in Protein

  • Low in Sugar

  • Gluten-Free

  • Organic

  • Raw

  • Vegan

  • All-natural

All of these products are drinks, snack bars, granola, and other satisfying munchies perfect for stashing in your gym bag and smashing your workout!

Subs That Buff 4


Running is a great way to keep in shape.  It improves cardiovascular health, burns calories, and keeps your legs toned.  StrideBox wants to promote healthy running habits by providing a subscription box designed specifically for people who are passionate about throwing on a pair of tennis shoes and pounding the pavement.

For $45.00 a month StrideBox sends you a crate of nutritious snacks, body and skincare products, running gear, and accessories, as well as tips for staying motivated, recipes, and other running-related content.  Even though this is the last box mentioned in this list, it’s hardly a runner-up!

Get An ATC Fitness Subscription!

If you think about it, a gym is really just a BIG box filled with gym equipment!  Joining a gym is a wonderful way to stay in shape, get advice, build community, and live your best life.  Contact us today and subscribe now.

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How to Stay Accountable at the Gym in 2021

Posted on January 4th, 2021
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So you’ve made the decision to join a gym and make that important life change.  That’s great!  Getting a gym membership is a big step in the right direction when it comes to personal health and fitness.  It gives you a dedicated, distraction-free space to get your workout in, is an awesome way to meet new people, and get in shape all at the same time.

The road to health isn’t always a straight line.  It’s a journey that sometimes takes perseverance and devotion.  One of the most difficult parts about making a change for your health is staying accountable.  But fear not!  As fitness professionals, we know all the tips and tricks to help keep you on track.

Set Realistic Goals

Once you’ve joined a gym, the first step is to evaluate your goals.  We all want to lose weight and get in shape quickly, but the speed at which progress comes fluctuates.  Just as with any other task, you’ll have good weeks and bad weeks.  That’s why it’s important to set realistic goals.  You may want to lose 5 lbs a week, but 1.5 might be more achievable.  Some gyms, like ATC Fitness, will have staff on hand to help you work out a plan that’s right for you, and can even point you in the right direction on how to begin.

Workout With Friends

Exercising with a buddy is one of the most effective ways to stay accountable at the gym.  Making a pact with a friend to workout gives you an incentive to show up and sweat, even when you don’t want to.  Staying dedicated takes effort, and if you have trouble promising yourself that you’ll get up and get going, then having a friend to cheer you on as you work together to be healthier is a great tactic.  You both get the benefits of a gym, social interaction, and positive reinforcement.  The only thing better than working out with one friend is working out with a group of them!  When it comes to fitness, the more the merrier.  A solid support network will have you well on your way to achieving your goals.

We recognize that COVID-19 protocols and concerns can limit the number of people you work out with in person. That’s okay! If you prefer to work out together, ATC Fitness is equipped to provide you a great workout space, socially distanced and safe. If you have to work out at different times, you can still hold each other accountable. Communicate with your accountability partners through texts and messaging and keep pushing each other.

Salad Bowl

Plan Your Meals

More often than not, this is where we see people stumble most often.  It’s easy to come to the gym, workout for an hour, and then feel like you deserve that cheeseburger you’ve been fantasizing about all day.  Depending on how hard you’ve been working out, you might (but probably shouldn’t).  One of the keys to successful weight loss is staying in a calorie deficit.  That means that you’ve consumed only as many calories or less than you need.

This is where meal planning comes in.  If you know you have a tough time eating a healthy breakfast when you wake up in the morning or know that you’re usually too tired to cook after your evening workout, plan ahead!  Keeping a journal or even a spreadsheet of what you’re going to eat at what time is a time tested technique that works.  You can even take it a step further and prepare your meals in bulk ahead of time so that your food is ready to go when you are.

Join a Fitness Program

Sometimes you need advice, and joining a fitness program is a great way to get guidance while you’re at the gym.  Just like bringing a friend, signing up for a long term fitness program is likely to keep you coming back.

At ATC Fitness, we offer our Smart Start program free of charge.  Our staff helps you customize your workout, no matter your level of fitness.  We begin by helping you evaluate your goals.  Then, we walk you through a workout routine that suits your needs.  We’ll show you how to use the equipment and give you an explanation of how and why each machine works for your goals.  After 15 visits, we sit down with you and check on your progress.  If something isn’t really doing the trick, then we make adjustments to help you be successful.

Get Started With Smart Start Training

Fitness Apps

For many people, this is a starting point.  Smart devices have so many useful apps that can help you track your progress.  Keep up with your calories, steps, and hit goals.  Many of these apps even have ways to keep up with your meals, and can offer suggestions on what to cook for every meal!  The Apple Watch and FitBit are also fantastic tools to help you track your vitals and let you know when you’ve hit a goal.

Take Lots of Photos

There’s no feeling quite as wonderful as looking in the mirror and seeing your gains live and in person.  However, sometimes you might not feel like you’ve made any progress at all.  That’s where pictures come in.  Take a picture of yourself at the beginning of your journey, and snap one each week.  This way you can see appreciable progress from where you began.  As we mentioned, you’re going to have good and bad days.  Sometimes all it takes to get motivated is to see how far you’ve come.


Share Your Progress

While you’re at it, you may as well share those pictures and milestones with your friends and family on social media.  Showing others your progress is a wonderful way to get a boost of confidence.  No one is going to shame you for working hard, so drop that selfie!  In fact, you never know; your fitness journey may be inspiring others to make a change for the better in their own lives.

Reward Yourself

When you reach one of your milestones, treat yourself.  Giving yourself a reward for a job well done is a totally acceptable form of self-care.  We’re not saying you should go out and buy a car or anything.  But if you’ve had your eye on a piece of clothing, or have a fun activity in mind, take the steps to make that happen!

Keep Your Eyes On the Prize

Ultimately, your fitness journey is never really complete.  Even when you meet your goal, it’s important to continue to make exercise and good habits part of your life.  Sometimes it can be hard to see the forest for the trees, but it helps if you can visualize your goal.  If you want to look great on the beach next summer, remember that when you’re tempted to skip leg day.  If you want to impress your doctor with your increased fitness, imagine that praise.  Success looks different for everyone!

ATC Fitness Is Here to Help

Are you ready to get started?  We are!  ATC Fitness is your home for health, exercise, and a quality gym experience.  Check out our membership options and get ready to enjoy benefits like tanning beds and hydromassage on your road to wellness!

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