The Gym Is Everywhere

Should you only work out in a gym or is working out at home a better option? What about the great outdoors? We’re here to help you decide!

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The Gym Is Everywhere

No matter where you are or where you live, fitness should be a part of your life. There are so many benefits to exercise; we can barely count them all. The best part is that you can get up and get active just about anywhere. Something many people struggle with isn’t the why but the where when it comes to working out. Should you only work out in a gym or is working out at home a better option? What about the great outdoors? We’re here to help you decide!

Working Out In A Gym

Ask any dedicated gym-goer why they like going and you’ll get a different answer every time.  Everyone has their reasons, but let’s look at why a gym is a great option for building the body you want.


There are a ton of reasons why you’d want to sign up for a gym membership.  Here are a few of the more compelling items on that list.

The Machines

First and foremost, the reason many people decide to go to the gym is for the machinery.  For the majority of individuals, workout equipment is prohibitively expensive.  The machinery at the gym is specialized.  It targets a variety of different muscle groups, usually with easy-to-follow instructions on how to use each piece of equipment.  Additionally, gym equipment is designed to be safe for anyone to use with very little experience.  And if you need help, the gym staff can quickly show you how to safely use the equipment.


This feature might seem a little silly to count as a “pro” of going to the gym, but you’d be surprised how much of a difference a nice, big mirror can make.  Being able to see one’s self while you’re working out not only provides many people with the motivation they need to keep going, but also allows you to observe your form and correct it.  Overextending your shoulder?  You can see that.  Not getting all the way down in your squat?  With a large, clean mirror in front of you, you’ll be able to tell.

Mirrors at ATC Fitness
Mirrors at the ATC Fitness Collierville location


Many gyms these days have low-cost or free classes for their members.  These classes give gym-goers the opportunity to try out a variety of workout styles all under the watchful eye of a trained instructor.  From yoga to cycling and even dancing, these classes are available to anyone and offer instruction for every level of fitness from beginner to advanced.  Who knows, you might even find an activity that you really enjoy!

Personal Trainers

Most gyms offer some level of personal training.  And while most trainers charge a fee, it’s a great way to guarantee that you get the kind of workout you need under the guidance of someone who specializes in fitness.  Personal trainers are teachers and cheerleaders.  Having someone you know has your back can go a long way in getting you to stick to a routine.


Last but not least, you’d be surprised by the number of friendships that start at the gym!  Everyone at the gym is there for the same reason, to take care of themselves and their fitness.  And finding like-minded people who share a common interest in something you do is always a bonus in our opinion.


Coming to the gym isn’t without its downsides.  Like everything in life, there are a couple of tradeoffs.

You Have To Make Time

One of the biggest obstacles to working out at the gym is that you have to carve out time in your day to go.  Between work, life, and sleep, getting to the gym can seem like a monumental task (albeit a worthwhile one).

Working Out With Others

Some people who begin a fitness journey are very self-conscious, and a trip to the gym to bare it all, even if their best-looking workout gear, can seem really daunting.  Even trained fitness fanatics sometimes prefer working out alone.  Being comfortable in your skin is the most important part of any workout process, even when you’re pushing yourself.

Working Out At Home

We’ve all been home a lot recently, but within the last year, at-home fitness has taken a huge step into the spotlight, and for good reason!  There are several reasons people enjoy working out on their own turf.


Home sweet home. It’s where we sleep, eat, play.  Why not work out?

Saves Time

One of the biggest benefits of working out at home is that it saves a lot of time (and gas).  If you’re not interested in carrying around gym clothes and just want to jump right into it whenever you want to, working out from home might be the best option for you.  Sometimes even the closest gym can feel far away when you’re tired.


Everyone loves a free activity and that’s one of the reasons working out is so appealing.  It doesn’t have to be expensive.  Grab a chair, a few bricks, or a bag of flour and you’re ready to start getting your gains for the low low price of absolutely nothing!


Remember what we said about being self-conscious?  Some people really enjoy doing a solo thing, and that’s totally fine.  Working out in the safety and privacy of your own home can be really cathartic.  You can wear as much or as little clothing as you want without feeling as though you’re being watched, and for many, that’s a very liberating feeling.  The important thing is that you get up and get moving!


Even if you love every room in your home, sometimes it’s not the ideal place to get your sweat on.

Less Equipment

While you can easily find a lot of useful items around the house that can mimic gym equipment, it’s still not quite the same as having access to professional machinery and weights.  Don’t get us wrong, there are many people who have an impressive and competent setup at home, but more often than not, space is a concern.  Gyms are built with equipment in mind and are dedicated to the fitness experience.

No Professional Help

This particular point is especially important if you’re new to exercise and fitness.  One of the drawbacks of working out at home is that you don’t get the professional advice and help that the staff of a gym provides to all of its members.  You can always opt for an in-home personal trainer, but that becomes expensive very quickly.

Less Motivation

Your couch or bed looks the comfiest when you’re not supposed to be in them.  And because you can get to your workout at “any time,” it’s easy to push off your routine for “10 more minutes” indefinitely.  Building up the willpower to work out at home takes a lot of effort.  Whereas, if you decide to go to the gym, you’re not likely to lounge around.

The Gym Is Your Dedicated Workout Space

Ultimately, you don’t have to make a choice on whether or not to work out at home or at the gym.  Why not choose the best of both worlds and change it up? Join a gym and get active at home.  Any time you decide to move your body and sweat a little bit sounds like a good time to us!  Join today!

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