How Exercise Helps Reduce and Relieve Anxiety and Stress

Posted on June 8th, 2020

How Exercise Helps Reduce and Relieve Anxiety and Stress

If you suffer from anxiety and stress, you may be looking for ways to relieve your mind of all daily activities that consume your schedule. Staying active through workouts is a great way to relieve anxiety and stress while producing a healthy and happy lifestyle for yourself. Working out comes with a variety of mental and physical health benefits.

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Exercising From Home

With the current pandemic, ATC Fitness facilities are closed for the greater good of all of our members. Staying indoors is one of the best ways to prevent disease from developing and spreading throughout our communities. Although you aren’t able to attend classes and workout at ATC Fitness facilities, there are a variety of ways to stay active in your own home. A few safe and simple exercises for all age groups are:

  • Wall push-ups

  • Calf raises

  • Chair squats

  • Stretching

  • Knee extensions

  • Dancing

Exercise can make you feel happier.

When you exercise, your body releases endorphins, also known as the “feel good” chemical. Endorphins are the body’s natural painkillers and bring you a sense of satisfaction even after a difficult workout. If you have ever wondered why you feel energized and positive after working out, endorphins are the answer.

Exercise can improve your mood.

Because physical activity increases the amount of endorphins released in your body, you will experience an overall improvement in your mood throughout the day. By incorporating a workout routine into your daily schedule, endorphins will help increase energy levels and leave you feeling happier and healthier.

Exercise enhances social interaction.

It’s no surprise interacting with others is good for mental health. You don’t have to exercise alone. In fact, many individuals have made daily workouts into social events to spend time with others who are on their own health and wellness journey. Whether you walk with friends around the park or join a spin class, there are multiple ways to enhance social interaction while working out. Not only will working out with others help relieve stress, but it also gives you more energy to spend time with friends and family.

Gym Class

Participate in group classes at ATC.

Group classes are one of the best ways to make friends while working out. While in a group workout class, you will have the opportunity to participate in an encouraging and health group of individuals who have similar goals as you. At ATC Fitness, we offer a variety of group fitness classes, including:

  • Spin

  • Yoga

  • Zumba

  • SilverSneakers

Exercise boosts confidence.

When you are bogged down by anxiety and stress, it may be difficult to feel confident throughout your day. One way to boost your confidence is to incorporate a workout routine into your daily schedule. By working out regularly, you will improve your overall physical and mental wellbeing. Staying active will boost your self esteem by continuing to work towards and meet your fitness goals.

You will see visible results.

If you exercise regularly, you are more likely to see visible results quicker. For many individuals, low self esteem is one of the main reasons they experience anxiety, stress, and depression. Working out on a daily basis will allow you to see physical and mental results over time.

Exercise produces better sleep.

Anxiety and stress play major roles in how well you sleep at night. If you continue to toss and turn throughout the night, exercising regularly can be one way to eliminate the stress causing poor sleeping habits. Working out will give you energy throughout the day while allowing you to rest well at night.

Spend time doing things you love.

With an improved sleep schedule, you will experience boosts of energy like never before. Better sleep will lead to better moods and more energy, allowing you to spend more time with friends and family. With more energy, you will also be able to enjoy your favorite hobbies and activities without becoming tired as fast.

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Exercise calms your soul.

Many workout routines include movements that help put your mind at ease through simple rhythms. When your mind is able to focus on one movement at a time, it gives you the ability to forget about other stressful aspects of your daily routine. Before and after your workout routine, remember to stretch your muscles. Stretching can help relax your entire body and relieve stress and anxiety you may be experiencing. A few repetitive muscle workout movements to try are:

  • Running

  • Cycling

  • Swimming

  • Walking

Exercise puts you on a schedule.

When you have a hectic schedule every week, it may seem impossible to fit working out into your daily routine. However, with the help of a little bit of organization and planning, regular exercise will become a necessity in your weekly schedule. Whether you start a workout plan or set monthly goals, planning your workout schedule will relieve the stress of fitting activities onto your calendar. Instead, you’ll know exactly when and where you can get your workout complete.

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The team at ATC Fitness believes staying active comes with a variety of physical and mental health benefits, including the relief of anxiety and stress. Our facilities offer a variety of ways to stay active through solo workout routines or group fitness classes. We encourage you to begin your journey to a happier and healthier you today!

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5 Benefits of Regular Exercise for Seniors

Posted on May 18th, 2020

5 Benefits of Regular Exercise for Seniors

Staying active is an important part of keeping our bodies healthy and happy at every age. Physical activity can help improve your overall quality of life and may prevent some serious health concerns, including: 

  • Type 2 diabetes

  • Heart disease

  • High cholesterol

As we age, exercising regularly becomes vitally important for our physical and mental health. Here are a few reasons why exercise benefits seniors in particular.

1. Regular exercise makes you stronger.

One major reason for seniors to exercise regularly is building strength. When staying active, you will begin gaining muscle mass and improving the overall strength of your body. Not only will staying active improve your physical strength, but it will also increase your flexibility and boost your heart health.

Exercise Stronger Senior

Exercise improves strength.

As we age, we are more likely to lose bone density and strength. By staying active, you can increase the strength of your bones alongside building muscle mass. You don’t have to participate in heavy weight lifting in order to improve bone density. Instead, you can try activities such as:

  • Walking or jogging

  • Swimming

  • Dancing

  • Yoga or pilates

Exercise can help prevent falls.

Seniors are at a higher risk of falls, which are one of the most common injuries among older adults. Falls can cause serious injuries such as broken hips. By exercising regularly, you will improve strength, coordination, flexibility, and more. All of these factors will play into lowering your risk of falling.

2. Regular exercise prevents disease.

Many seniors suffer from compromised immune systems, putting them at a higher risk of developing serious health issues. However, participating in regular exercise can help prevent and/or delay common diseases by improving cardiovascular health and other parts of our bodies. From brisk walks around the park to lifting weights at the gym, seniors can reduce the risk of developing diseases by staying active. Daily exercise can help prevent diseases like:

  • Diabetes

  • Arthritis

  • Cancer

  • Dementia

  • Depression and anxiety

Exercise can help you recover from injuries.

Although staying active can delay or prevent diseases from developing, it’s important to know what to expect when you do get sick. Luckily, exercising regularly can help individuals recover and heal from injuries and diseases easier.

3. Regular exercise gives you confidence.

When you feel stronger, you will likely feel even more confident. Not only does physical activity help you to look better, but it helps you feel better as well. When exercising, you will begin to feel a sense of self-accomplishment like never before. Staying active will allow you to do the activities you love without fear distracting you.

Older Couple

Exercise can nurture independence.

Your new-found confidence will help nurture independence in your life. With stronger bones and a healthier mind, you will feel more prepared than ever to take on daily activities that once frightened you.

4. Regular exercise improves mental health.

It’s no surprise that exercising regularly helps improve physical health. However, did you know it can also greatly improve your mental health? While working out, your body will release endorphins, chemicals that help to boost your mood and enhance your mental health. Endorphins help relieve stress and make you feel happier and healthier.

Exercise can help you sleep better.

There’s a reason we sleep better after a day of hard work and exercise. Staying active can drastically improve your sleep patterns, allowing you to enjoy your day-to-day activities without becoming drained. Without exercise, your stress levels will take a toll on your sleep patterns. By exercising regularly, you can reduce stress while improving sleep.

Exercise can enhance your mental health and quality of life.

Overall, exercising regularly can turn your life around. With both physical and mental health benefits, staying active will drastically enhance your quality of life. With a happier and healthier mindset, you’ll be ready to tackle daily activities, spend time with family, and participate in your favorite hobbies with a positive outlook.

5. Regular exercise can be a social event.

Exercise doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, it can soon become one of your favorite parts of the day. There are a variety of ways to make daily exercise fun and exciting. One way is to participate in group classes and/or invite friends and family to join your workout. From yoga classes to aerobic swimming, your exercise routine can become a social event with the people you love most.

Exercise for Seniors at ATC Fitness

Here at ATC Fitness, we are passionate about serving each one of our members in the best way possible. We want to accommodate the needs of every age group, allowing you to receive a variety of physical and mental health benefits.

Tennis Shoes

Silver Sneakers Program at ATC Fitness

The Silver Sneakers Program at ATC Fitness is designed for adults 65 and older to participate in health and fitness programs. Taught by trained professionals, the Silver Sneakers classes at ATC are a great way for seniors to stay active and gain confidence. There are a variety of Silver Sneakers classes to accommodate individuals physical needs and desires. A few popular classes to take include benefits like:

  • Increasing flexibility

  • Building muscle

  • Boosting upper-body strength

  • Enhancing strength

  • Progress balance


The benefits of SilverSneakers programs →

If you are interested in starting your health and fitness journey today, check out all of our membership options and how we can accommodate you. For more information about our facilities, contact our team today.