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Premium Membership

Premium Membership

Want to work out at the gym close to work during the week and the gym close to your house on the weekends? With an ATC Fitness membership, you can enjoy both without having to sign up for multiple memberships. For just $25 per month, our premium gym membership offers all of the benefits of our basic membership PLUS 24/7 gym access to each of our 18 locations in Memphis, DeSoto County, and Jackson, TN. Premium members also enjoy added perks, including:

Unlimited Tanning

Considering most tanning salons charge more per session than a monthly ATC Fitness membership, access to free unlimited tanning at your convenience is well worth it. Premium members can enjoy a workout followed by a quick tanning session to get that sun-kissed glow that keeps the summer body you’ve been working for looking swimsuit-ready. Each of our locations offer stand up or lay down level 4 tanning beds.


Free Unlimited Use of Hydromassage Chairs

Hydromassage therapy is used by top athletes around the world to soothe sore muscles after workouts and to promote faster healing. A balanced workout along with hydromassage therapy allows you to make the most of your fitness routine by your helping your body heal faster through: 

  • Increased circulation 
  • Reducing stiffness
  • Minimizing soreness

Hydromassage has also been proven to help treat arthritis pain and to help promote restful sleep.