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Cordova 24-Hour Gym

24 Hour Fitness Gym in Cordova TN - Now Open

ATC Fitness Cordova is located at 8130 Macon Station Rd. Suite 113. We are right across from the Cordova Cinema and behind Gateway Tire Services, where the giant American flag is.

ATC Fitness is a 24-hour gym that is accessible all year long, even on holidays. This accessibility is great for people who are following a strict training program or those who are unable to go to the gym at certain hours. Paired with our no contract, month to month membership starting at only $15 a month, ATC Fitness is a very affordable gym with equipment to match other more expensive gyms. 

Our 24/7 gym has a large number of cardio machines with built-in TVs and two free weight areas. Our larger free weight area is very open and is perfect for more compound exercises, such as squats, bench presses, and deadlifts. Our smaller free weight area is great for abs training, stretching, or circuit training. We also have a large arrangement of strength training machines for those who are interested in leg circuit training.

ATC Fitness Cordova has all of the essential fitness equipment that makes a gym flexible for people who follow various fitness programs. Our location is one of several that carries the Hack Squat Machine, the Shrug Machine, and the Hex Bar.

We have a well-balanced clientele at our location. Because of this, no specific areas in the gym are typically more crowded than others. This especially helps during the busy times. We welcome members of various ages and fitness levels.

Giving back to your community is important to us. We help donate money to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital through various methods, including our 7 Day Guest Pass.

We no longer charge a $49 processing fee for new members. When joining ATC Fitness Cordova, you will only have to pay for your first month of dues and your first Annual Rate Guaranteed Fee. Sign up online through the link below, or visit our gym to become a member!

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8130 Macon Station Rd. Suite 113
Cordova, TN 38018