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All About Hydromassage

Posted on May 7th, 2021

So you’ve made it to the gym and you’ve just crushed your workout for the day.  Now it’s time to cool down and hope those few extra reps don’t turn your body to jelly.  Fortunately, there’s a great way to help your body recover a little more quickly and reduce those familiar aches and pains associated with a good workout.  The answer?  Hydromassage.

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What Is Hydromassage?

Hydromassage is a kind of massage wherein strong jets of water help alleviate pain and soothe muscles.  This can be done in a bath, or in a hydromassage bed or chair.

Water-based relaxation therapies aren’t new.  In fact, they date back to the ancient Greeks and Romans.  The Father of Medicine himself, Hippocrates, was the first to postulate that water therapy could be used to treat a variety of ailments, which lead to the rise in popularity of communal bathhouses that spread to other cultures throughout history.

Since then, we’ve learned quite a bit about the benefits of hydrotherapy and hydromassage.  Hydromassage became popular in the 60s and has become more advanced over the years.

Hydrotherapy vs. Hydromassage

These days, many brick and mortar gyms are beginning to offer hydrotherapy or hydromassage, but it’s important to understand the difference so you can be prepared.  Hydrotherapy usually involves soaking in warm water and may involve hydromassage via strong jets in a hot-tub-style setting.  However, some people aren’t interested in stripping down to their bathing suits to get a massage, or using a public bath.  That’s where hydromassage tables come in.  These dry massage machines allow the user to receive a relaxing hydromassage all while staying dry, comfortable, and in control.  Enjoy the feeling of traveling jets at just the right pressure and temperature with the push of a button.

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Benefits of Hydromassage

There are many health-boosting benefits to participating in hydromassage.  Professional athletes and casual gym-goers agree that there’s nothing quite like a nourishing, hands-free massage that doesn’t have to be scheduled by a practitioner.

Improve Circulation

Any kind of massage is good for circulation, and hydromassage is no different.  Warm water massage is a wonderful way to increase blood flow to targeted muscle groups both before and after an invigorating workout.  Some studies suggest that cool water can also get the blood pumping, but most publically available hydromassage tables provide you with varying degrees of warm water.  Just make sure you’re not picking water that’s too hot.

Ease Pain

“No pain, no gain” doesn’t mean that workouts should be painful.  However, if you’ve spent any time in the gym at all, then you know the day after your workout can be extra uncomfortable if you don’t take the time to properly cool down.  Your body needs a little extra TLC after you sweat it out, and your workout doesn’t stop when you put the weights down.  Using available hydromassage tables has been shown to significantly reduce post-workout soreness.  And have we mentioned that it feels nice?

Speed Up Recovery

When you work out, your muscles build up an excess of lactic acid that causes the familiar aches and pains we experience while our muscles knit back together bigger and stronger.  However, if you head to the hydromassage table immediately after working out, the soothing warm pressure from targeted jets helps get more oxygen into your muscles and reduces the chances that you’ll be sore the next time you hit the gym.

Hands Off Massage

One of the best parts about a hydromassage is that it usually doesn’t involve another person.  In fact, it’s a contactless massage.  In a clean and safe gym environment, hydromassage tables and chairs are regularly cleaned and sanitized between uses.  In some cases, guests are asked to sign in and tell the staff that they’re utilizing these specialized machines to ensure there isn’t overlap and to provide the gym with enough time to ensure the health and safety of each customer.


Furthermore, some people just don’t enjoy the idea of having a hands-on massage experience.  While it can be really beneficial to recovery to have a massage performed by a professional, not everyone wants that kind of interaction.  Some individuals find the convenience and accessibility of a hydromassage table more suitable to their wallets and to their busy schedules.

Reduce Appearance of Cellulite

A lesser-known benefit of hydromassage is that some recent studies have shown that using a hydromassage table may help reduce the appearance of cellulite.  This can be particularly beneficial during an intense weight-loss regimen, or even for helping you find the shape you’re looking for in swimsuit weather.

Hydromassage Chairs At ATC Fitness

If you’re looking for the best hydromassage experience a gym has to offer, ATC fitness has you covered at every location.  Our state-of-the-art hydromassage chairs are safe, clean, and can help you take your health and wellness journey to the next level.  Sign up today and learn abouthydromassage and more great amenities!

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