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Regulated Requirements for Gyms/Facilities

Updated as of Sept. 11, 2020

The states of Tennessee, Mississippi and associated counties have required that all gyms and facilities abide by these regulations as part of our reopening:

  • Employees must wear face masks.
  • Adjust equipment layout or close/restrict access to equipment as necessary to maintain at least six feet of separation between users.
  • Conduct regular and thorough cleaning of all equipment, surfaces and areas of the facility using disinfectant cleaning supplies.
  • Require customers to clean equipment with disinfectant before and after use.
  • Provide hand sanitizing stations for use upon customer entry and exit.


Will members have to wear facemasks?

In ordinance with Shelby County guidelines, members of ATC Fitness locations in Shelby County are required to wear masks while working out. Members of ATC Fitness locations outside of Shelby County are not required to wear facemasks while actively working out. Members are required to wear facemasks coming in and out of the facilities. We also ask if you are coughing or sneezing, please do that into your arm.  You may also want to exit the location if you feel the need to. 

Is there going to be enough equipment to use?

Many of our locations have enough space between the equipment already. If there is a location where we did not have space before closing, we have spread equipment in those locations to allow more pieces to be utilized. There is a chance, in a few locations, that we will be alternating pieces of cardio for use until we can resume normal behavior.

What is ATC doing about cleaning?

We have been inside the clubs already, disinfecting everything we can in order to get ready for members to come back in. We will have many staff members walking around constantly wiping around the gym during the day. At the time of closing, staff will be going around and disinfecting all handles and weights around the facilities so they will be ready to go the next morning. We would like to remind all our members to follow the state's suggestion to wipe down their piece of equipment before and after use. That will help keep everyone and everything in a better place for future use.

We use REME® Halo Air Purifiers.

You can breath easy knowing that ATC Fitness is using REME® Halo Air Purifiers as part of their efforts to keep our gyms clean and safe.  This air filtration system actively removes pollutants and germs from the air, making air fresh and clean.  The REME® Halo traps particulates like pollen and mold, kills up to 99% of microbes, and keeps unplesant musty odors at bay so you can focus on your workout worry-free.

Will the locker rooms be available?

The locker rooms and showers will be available for use. We ask that you clean up and sanitize following each use.

With the lockers reopened, can I have a gym bag on the floor?

No, bags are not allowed on the floor so we can eliminate any tripping hazards.

When is ATC going to be 24 hours again?

As of Sept. 7, ATC Fitness is open 24 hours at all locations.

Are smart starts available during this time?

Yes, smart starts are available. During instruction, each machine will be cleaned between usage.

What should I expect when I come into ATC?

Please read the signage outside each location before entering. Each member is required to answer self-assessing questions.

You will still scan your key card.

Please wipe down each piece of equipment before and after use. Please wash hands or use hand sanitzer regularly.

What are the staffed hours at this time?

Monday – Thursday 6AM-10PM

Friday 6AM – 8PM

Saturday – Sunday 8AM-6PM

I have a question about my billing.

We have aligned our billing to resume so that no member is out any time that they have paid for and was owed to them. If you have any additional questions about billing, we would like to direct you back to your most frequented ATC location to speak with someone directly.