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Getting Your Family Active At The Gym

Posted on September 1st, 2021

Did you know that fitness and exercise are literally essential for every member of your family?  From the kids to the older individuals in your pack, getting up and active is an important part of living a healthy, long life.  If you’re considering getting the entire family involved at your favorite local gym, then we’ve got the best tips to keep everyone motivated and in shape!

Families That Play Together Stay Together

One of the best ways to get motivated at the gym is to do it with other people.  Going together keeps you honest and provides a low-stress obligation that will ensure you make it to the locker room.  Gym time can also be a great time to catch up and check in with different members of your family.  Talk about how school is going while playing sports.  Decompress from your workday with your significant other.  Discuss how grandad’s day has been going and make plans for the weekend.

What Age Can Children Begin Attending The Gym?

Part of working out as a family involves including everyone.  But you may be wondering at what age it’s safe to begin bringing your little one to the gym.  The answer?  It depends on the gym.  Some facilities offer classes for young children to keep them engaged and moving at a level that’s reasonable for their age group.  The majority of gyms will typically have a list of guidelines that let you know how old your child must be to attend.  Some gyms may even have a supervised and unsupervised age requirement.  Choose a gym that meets the needs of your family unit and get sweating together!

How Much Exercise Does My Family Need?

Did you know that the minimum of physical activity needed changes depending on your age?  Children ages 6-17 need about an hour of physical activity every day to stay healthy.  Adults from 18-64 should aim to achieve at least two and a half hours a week of moderate exercise.  Ages 65 and above should also attempt to get those two and a half hours in a week, but if those goals can’t be met, then doing what their physicality allows is best.

Tips For Getting Everyone Active

Not everyone is going to have the same enthusiasm for visiting the gym, but here are some helpful tips when it comes to helping your family stay motivated.

Do It Together

As we mentioned earlier, playing together is a great way to stay active.  This can be done in a variety of ways such as playing a sport, taking a class, or simply working out on the same circuit.  Take turns encouraging each other as you strive to meet your fitness goals.  Just remember that not everyone has the same goals.  This tip is perfect for any age range.  Take the extra time to help your kid learn how to perform a certain stretch or help your significant other get those last few reps in.  You’ll both be happier (and healthier) for it!


Plan A Routine

The best way to stick with anything is to make it part of your routine.  Set the expectation with everyone, even younger children that you’ll be spending time at the gym getting active during the week.  Many families choose to make this happen two to three times a week.  Evenings are popular, but working out in the morning is a great way to get everyone’s blood pumping and focus up for the rest of the day!  Choose what works best for your family.

Be Supportive

This is something that even the most seasoned gym-goers can forget.  Be supportive of one another!  The chances of everyone in your family being at exactly the same fitness level is slim to none, but that’s okay.  Exercise, health, and wellness are a journey that everyone makes differently, even if they’re making it with loved ones.  Furthermore, everyone has a different reason for showing up and sweating.  Some might be there for heart health, some for building muscle and losing weight, or some may just really enjoy being at the gym and moving their bodies.  No matter what, make sure the experience is supportive and inclusive for everyone.

Celebrate Small Wins

This one goes hand in hand with being supportive.  Make sure to take time to celebrate wins, no matter how big or small.  Did your daughter make great time around the track?  High fives all around!  Did grandma make it to every yoga class this week?  Awesome.  Did you manage to squeeze out the last few minutes of your HIIT routine?  Fantastic!  Cheering each other on strengthens family bonds and encourages everyone to keep going.

Gifts Can Be Motivating

When everyone is heading to the gym regularly, it makes gift giving fun and working out more motivating.  Fitness trackers, yoga mats, new sneakers, or even purchasing a class is an awesome way to encourage the entire family to keep up the good work.  And let’s be honest, everyone likes getting a present now and again.


ATC Fitness Is A Gym For The Whole Family

Twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year, even on holidays, ATC Fitness is your family’s workout and fitness home.  Children can begin attending the gym with adult supervision at age 12.  We offer fitness levels for any ability range.  To get your family on their feet and on the road to better bodies, sign up today!


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