Today’s fitness industry is always evolving and ATC Fitness strives to be on top of all the changes that take place.

ATC Fitness began its journey in 1991 with a specific dream.  This dream was to provide a fitness center that everyone and anyone could use to help them live a healthier lifestyle at an affordable price.  ATC also wanted to create a very comfortable situation for everyone who graces its doors.  Many times, the fitness industry gets labeled that only Fit individuals workout at a fitness center.  At ATC, that is simply not true. 

We stress to all of our members and potential members that they are all here for the same reason; to become a healthier individual.  Whether you have been working out for many years or you are stepping foot inside for the first time, the ATC Fitness staff is here to help you.  The ATC Smart Start training program is a unique program that can get you results from the simplest request to the greatest of request.  ATC Fitness is here for you.

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